Forest Engineering New Zealand

‘Forest Engineering’ is a discipline that combines engineering knowledge, with management, geospatial and geotechnical skills, and applies them to the broader forest landscape. It is not just about designing work to be done, but also ensuring we minimise the impact on the environment, keep people safe, and respect the needs of society. 

This website is designed to promote Forest Engineering knowledge by making a selection of learning materials readily available – it is for educational purpose only. Enjoy. 

Rien Visser, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Discover more about forest engineering at UC, and check out some of our great final year student projects 

A shortlist of video clips that are very informative including student and technical presentations

Here you will find the supporting resources for our professional development workshops

For over 30 years, the NZ Logging Industry Research Organisation published many interesting applied studies


6th International Forest Engineering Conference: “Quenching our thirst for new knowledge”