– Hunter Harrill and Rien Visser –

A compilation of great forest engineering video clips are posted below. Use the tabs to navigate to specific sections. We hope you enjoy them!

Harvesting General

NFP Woodlot Harvesting – time lapse (New Zealand)

Overview of USA Steep Slope Harvesting Operation (USA)

Overview of NZ Harvesting Operation (New Zealand)

Tree felling motor manual felling (large Cedar tree) on spring boards (Canada)

Various steep slope logging (USA)

Various steep slope logging (USA)

NFP Havesting Operations (NZ)

Steep slope winch assist harvesting in Appalachia (USA)

A safety-conscious forestry operation

Cable logging

Long Span w/Intermediate Supports (USA)

Thinning w/ Swing Yarder (USA)

Integrated Yarder Processor (Austria)

Sled Mounted Winch (Switzerland)

Falcon Claw grapple carriage & Falcon 60 yarder drone footage (New Zealand)

Two staging with 2 yarders (New Zealand)

High Speed Cable Yarding Logger 

Skyline Cable Yarding (USA)

Ribbonwood Cable Logging (NZ)

Ground-based logging

Brand Logging – CTL Harvesting with Aerial Footage (New Zealand)

Shovel Logging with Flyover (USA)

TimberPro Continuous Disc Feller-Buncher (USA)

Tigercat Grapple Skidder (Canada)

Ponsse Bear (Norway)

Tigercat Grapple Skidder in Snow (Canada)

Logging Tata Beach (NZ)

Kronos Gripto in Snow (Finland)

Winch assist

ROB System with Rope Inspection (New Zealand)

ROB with Time-Lapse (New Zealand)

Falcon Winch-Assist Working in Canada (Canada)

ClimbMAX (New Zealand)

ClimbMAX Working on Soft Soils (New Zealand)

EMS Tractionline (USA)

Winch – Assisted Logging Boosts Safety on Steep Terrain (USA)

 Steep Slope Teathered Logging (USA)

historical footage

California Redwood 1940’s (USA)

Historical footage including river wood drives (USA)

Allison Logging- Coastal Logging in early 1900’s (Canada)

Skogforsk video of machine development, from cross-cut to Harwarder (Sweden)

Oregon Logging in 1971 (Part 1) (USA)

Oregon Logging in 1971 (Part 2) (USA)

A Day In The Woods (Documentary Part 1) (USA)

River Log Drive (USA)

heLi logging

Helicopter Logging (Heavey Metal Monsters S1 E4) (BC Canada)

Standing Stem Removal (BC Canada)

Rising to the Challenge (BC Canada)

Heli Wing (New Zealand)

Setting the Standard (WorksafeBC) (BC Canada)

 Kaman Kmax-Helicopter Logging (Canada)

 Ax Man Series – Helicopter Logging (USA)

Rotex Helicopter (Germany)


Forest to furnace – Wood Energy South (NZ)

Biomass removal – Forest to Power Plant (USA)

Wood Biomass – Powered by Oregon (Oregon, USA)

Coillte Biomass (Ireland) 

Environ Pellet Manufacturing Process 

environmental forestry

Sustainable Forest Management (BC Canada)

Environmental Solutions from the Forests (Finland)

Sustainable Forest Management – MPI & NZFF (NZ)

 Buying Time: Instream Restoration

careers in forestry

Making a Career in Forestry (New Zealand)

Find your path: Field Forester (Oregon USA

Find your path: Forest Engineer (Oregon USA)

What do Forest Engineers Do? (USA)

Find your What is Forestry? – UC forestry (New Zealand)

Forestry – Just the Job (New Zealand)

other videos

Feller-buncher rollover recovery with yarder (North American)

Forestry & wood Northland (New Zealand)

From petri dish to ship (Eastland wood council 2017) (New Zealand)

Rayonier Forest Rangers on Fire Prevention (USA) 

Growing Kauri for Timber (New Zealand) 

Drones in Forestry (USA)

Christchurch’s Riccarton Bush (New Zealand) 

Working Forests Protect Water Quality (USA)

Student Choice

From Gracie: First all-female forestry crew (New Zealand) 

From Robyn: NZ Exotic Forestry History (New Zealand)

From Rob: Summit Tong Thrower (New Zealand)

From Rob: Two stage yarding with Gillion Logging
From Gracie: Pongakawa Stream Flyover, Forest and Farming
From Harry D: Wairarapa Forest Operation
From Fallon N: Lets Drive – Steep Slope Tether
From Dougal S: Endurance Logging Nelson

From Rogers F: Helicopter Logging